Printing Chatburn 24 in 24

So after a couple of weeks I finished assembling and printing Chatburn 24 in 24 through Mixam. There’s definitely some solid takeaways that I’ll use for the next time. Firstly, the paper and cover were a great choice at 190gsm uncoated 320gsm satin respectively. The page count at 32 is definitely reaching the upper limit… Continue reading Printing Chatburn 24 in 24

Too Late, To Love You

Experimenting with more basic photoshop tracing and vectors I whipped this up. Adore KRZ, always been inspiring.

Video Games & Inspiration

I’ve been playing competitive FPS for a good 10 years now. During this time I’ve compiled a few informative videos that demonstrate what I love about games.

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Crystal Covenant

For around 7-8 years now I’ve been running Crystal Covenant with my friend Tim. It’s evolved, restarted and majorly changed a good 3 times. With it’s most recent iteration we’ve shifted the focus even more locally, moving initially from something we planned to be completely open and global, to a more focused and smaller community… Continue reading Crystal Covenant

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Fresh Branding

When life gives you lemons, use them to begin an illustrious career in graphic design.