Artist, amateur Magic: the Gathering and FPS player.


  • 5+ Years of Adobe Creative Suite
  • 10 + Years of DSLR Photography
  • 2 Years of Book Making/Printing
  • Event, Portraiture, Wildlife and Landscape Photography

Kat can be hired and commissioned for photography and art works. Range of services offered include event photography, especially esports events, photography including printing and framing and video filming and editing work.

An example of motion graphics made for my Twitch stream.

Magic: the Gathering

  • AxionNow Mega Modern Team Member Top4
  • JustPlay WPNQ Preliminary Team Members 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Kat currently captains and owns Team Fresh. A competitive UK based Magic team. Currently the team is perusing sponsors and looking to compete in national and European events after showing a strong initial series of results.


  • CS:GO ESEA Open
  • ETF2L Div5
  • Insurgency Spring, Summer and Autumn Cup Champion
  • MTG:A Mythic+

Kat has managed and lead a number of teams through multiple different games in online and LAN environments. Excelling at communication, Kat excels in a leadership position. Currently interesting in perusing VALORANT at a competitive level and open to team offers.

You can contact Kat for any of the aforementioned services or just for general inquires through the contact page on the website!