Printing Chatburn 24 in 24

So after a couple of weeks I finished assembling and printing Chatburn 24 in 24 through Mixam. There’s definitely some solid takeaways that I’ll use for the next time.

Firstly, the paper and cover were a great choice at 190gsm uncoated 320gsm satin respectively. The page count at 32 is definitely reaching the upper limit of what’s suitable for staple bound. The middle of the book is clearly apparent and does affect the aesthetics very slightly, any more than 32 I’d definitely go for perfect bound.

The bleeds at 3mm for text were definitely a little small. I’d double it at least. However 3mm for the photos felt great for a full page image with slightly more space below. I’m also really happy with the layout for A5 Landscape. For photos I feel it’s a great balance of clear, appreciable photos but also not being too cumbersome or expensive to produce and ship.

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