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Small Sneak Review

It’s no secret that sugar in the quantities that most regular energy drinks contain is beyond unhealthy and as a result I wanted to make the switch to a sugar free alternative.

Sneak is based in the United Kingdom, It’s nice to see brands based in the UK, having the opportunity to support more local brands is always a plus. As an added benefit my order arrived to my UK address in under 48 hours. I ordered 2 products. This review is NOT sponsored and products were paid for by myself.

‘Tropikilla’ 400g Tub

At the time of my order the only flavour of tub was ‘Tropikilla‘. Very likely due to difficulties with COVID-19. Costing £35 for 400g with a suggested 40 servings of 300-400ml.

5 Sachet Taster Pack

To sample a wider range of flavours and to reach that free shipping mark I also ordered a 5 sachet sample at £10. Allowing you to mix and match up to 5 different flavours in single serving sachets.

So initially the price. Being in the UK the GBP price is slightly above the likes of USD alternatives however for me, tax was included, this essentially makes the price per serving roughly the same as their competitors after shipping and tax. The advertised serving price for their 300/400ml serving suggestion is 88p. This is about on par with other sugar based energy drinks on the market.

Shipping was quick and the product arrived with no issues. Out of the 7 flavours Sneak offer, I was only unable to try their Sour Apple flavour. Personally as someone with a sweet tooth, I enjoyed the Cherry Bomb flavour the most, followed by Strawberry Watermelon. Both of these tasted a little more unique than the rest. Blue Raspberry, Purple Storm and Tropikilla didn’t have as strong of a profile but I wouldn’t be unhappy to have a tub of any of them. I’d suggest these for those who prefer a little less kick in their drinks. Stealth is a unique case, while it doesn’t state online I assume Stealth is supposed to have a very low profile and be close to just water. Again, not unpleasant but not my style.

Quickly after drinking, due to the nature of caffeine, it’s very quickly absorbed into the body and within 10-15 minutes you’ll begin to feel the effects, lasting for me as an infrequent caffeine user, for about 4 hours. Personally I perceived this to have a noticeable effect a little sooner than regular energy drinks, I imagine this is due to the slightly different makeup in the ingredients. I’ve had no perceivable negative effects alongside the positives which is definitely a positive, no headaches etc.

While my performance in game is usually very consistent, I’ve noticed a little less frustration due to a slight reduction in fatigue and caffeine’s affect on shared adenosine and dopamine receptors. In short, essentially enabling the body to absorb a little more dopamine which is a primary reward endorphin in the brain. This makes the wins feel a little better and might have a positive knock on effect on your confidence.

Overall after a couple of weeks, I’m pleased with the product. It hasn’t amazed me in any particular area but given the smaller and newer nature of the market it’s a solid start. I’d like to see the prices reduced a little, potentially in the £30-£32 range for the tubs. The sachets definitely aren’t good value for money but a great way to test the waters at roughly £2 per serving. A couple of extras to sweeten the deal perhaps or dropping the price for free shipping to £42 would also be ideal.

I’d definitely like a wider variety of flavours in the future but this will come with time I’m sure, their current range is diverse enough to suit any palette but variety is always nice. One area I consider almost essential that Sneak currently does not address, is a focus on hydration over caffeine as an option. Their suggestion of a maximum of 2 servings, between 600ml-1l in total is a little less than the amount of water I’d like to consume a day, while I could just drink water, I’d definitely enjoy a formula suited specifically for hydration to consume alongside a single serving of their caffeinated formula throughout the day, packing in a few extra vitamins and minerals as a bonus.

If you’re based in the UK and looking for a way to reduce your sugar intake, stay hydrated and round out your reactions and reflexes in game I’d definitely recommend giving Sneak a try.

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