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I’ve been playing competitive FPS for a good 10 years now. During this time I’ve compiled a few informative videos that demonstrate what I love about games.

ESL Classics: Rapha vs. Cooller

Rapha is without a doubt my esport idol. His decision making and class is unrivaled in my opinion. This is a longer demo review that I found essential for showing how intentional high level play can be.

A game like this wouldn’t be as good as it was if it wasn’t for the opponent that was across from me. ┬áSo, these games doesn’t mean anything unless the other opponent is as good as you or better.


Launders’ POV: How good was swag’s crosshair placement?

One that most people have seen, Launders does a really good job of breaking down something really simple that 99% of people can improve on.

On your end, a little bit of self-awareness can go a long way.


Tips & Tricks: Positioning Guidelines (CT)

A lot of people throw shade at steel for the whole match fixing debacle and his often inflammatory communications on stream but he’s demonstrated time and time again that he really knows his stuff. For Josh I’d suggest checking out his channel at large as a lot of the videos are short tips that hammer home some basic but essential concepts.

If you can’t fall back, be in a position where enemies have to push you all the way through.


Even if you die, it’s important that you take those risks, and get that information.


This is a poker video, it’s literally barely related but it’s a fun video and there’s a lot of concepts of luck, anxiety and perspective involved. Taking a look at some other games can be pretty good. Seeing the impact mentality can have on a game is astounding and with all the toxicity in online games, seems a few people could learn a thing or two.

Because at the table I had nothing but time, to marinate in my own dread. I’m just too dumb and too scared for poker.

Jon Bois

What Qualifying for RLCS Worlds Sounds Like

Rocket League was a fun little distraction on my Switch. I discovered a couple of gems here and there though, this is a nice insight into communication and the mental fatigue that can come into play. 3:40 is a cool timestamp.

I need more energy from everyone.


True Sight : The International 2018 Finals

This is just straight up documentary but sometimes it’s a good idea to take a look at why we play games. Having a fun time with people we care about, improving and developing ourselves. OG’s journey through Dota2 has been a roller coaster and truly makes me appreciate video games.

Win or lose, I don’t care, we play.

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