Crystal Covenant

For around 7-8 years now I’ve been running Crystal Covenant with my friend Tim. It’s evolved, restarted and majorly changed a good 3 times. With it’s most recent iteration we’ve shifted the focus even more locally, moving initially from something we planned to be completely open and global, to a more focused and smaller community to finally a completely localized portfolio of our individual skill-sets and personalities.

With my increased usage of WordPress I decided to revamp the website myself, taking some of the load off of Tim who had previously been responsible for the design. Rather than make it from scratch as he’d done before I opted to go with a WordPress theme. Webdesign isn’t my strong suit so I had to compromise complete control and credit a little which I’ve come to understand is undoubtedly essential.

I went with a different design to my other 2 projects and decided to try a ‘Onepage’ style design. Crystal Covenant required something a little more hub-like. Grouping the team and the various platforms into a central place, as a result I wanted to deliver information and links much more simply and this format seemed to do the job quite well. It sacrifices a little categorization and depth in order to make the visuals and information much more streamlined.

Unlike this website and FreshMTG, I expect repeated visits to the Cry Co website will be much less frequent and as such I don’t really feel the need for pages that suit a large amount of long form content, so the need for separate pages resulting in increased clicks wasn’t necessary. Hopefully this will increase the likelihood of the message and general purpose of the site being understood a little more clearly.

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