Fresh Branding

With the sudden burst of creativity I decided to try my hand at a little graphic design, I’ll admit, I suck at it. However with a little hunting for inspiration I managed to come out with something I ended up quite liking.

FreshMTG’s new logo.

Using a bit more of a process I broke it down into 2-3 steps. Initially I needed a basic geometric design, I didn’t want to go too clean to preserve the sort of messy grassroots founding of the team.

So I began with an image of a lemon slice, I added a clipping mask for the red and hand cut the inner sections into slightly larger segments to match the theme of the MTG color pie. Each wedge representing a colour, afterwards I added the green seeds to represent the pips.

I went onto colourhunt to find a nice swatch, just going through popular. I wanted a selection of colors that were bright and gave a fresh/citrus feel but also a nice compliment on the smaller elements like the rind and seeds to make it pop a little when displayed in a smaller size or against a bright background.

This was the eventual selection of colors I went with.

After tying it all together with a few minor details etc. I added a little text on there, using the font Wedges which I’d originally bought for my own branding but found it fit the more casual style of the Fresh logo too. After tweaking the orientation of letters and spacing I came out with a pretty satisfying end result.

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